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NEW Map for Itasca State Park, MN

I have created a NEW Itasca State Park map - available now.  Four hundred maps are signed and numbered with the remaining maps initialed.  Available on this website Store plus Itasca State Park, REI - Maple Grove, Ingebretsen's Store on Lake Street, Minneapolis. 


Additional maps will be in stores and businesses in April.


The map’s dimensions are approximately 25.5” x 34”, and it is professionally printed on top quality waterproof paper. $34.00 includes tax, shipping and handling.


The StarTribune newspaper featured the Itasca map Friday March 15, 2024, plus Park Rapids news site and Fargo.


NEW - Mini-Maps

Each map is laminated and printed on one side.  Each is 11' x 17' laminated and are available for $9.95 each plus tax and shipping. 

Easily put up on walls or used as placemats or whatever your spaces are that need a smaller print.

Note: due to major reduction from the full size map, the small writngs are not readable.  However, my professional scan and printer were able to get details readable though fuzzy, if you use a camera phone and enlarge it.

If you are interested, email for pricing with tax and shipping. 


Plan it.  Do it.  Frame it.

Superior Hiking Trail - updated 2024
A section of the North Country National Scenic Trail (NCT) from North Dakota to Vermont
MAP #8

Price = $34.00, includes tax and shipping in USA.

A detailed waterproof map with full information on distances, campsite facilities, Trailhead/Parking areas, and locations of waterfalls with elevations, Parks, mountain elevations, and more.

Map size = 25" x 39"

printed 2017, 2019, 2024

This map can be cut in half and pieced together to

make it 12" x 6.5'


Minnesota BWCAW Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Hiking Trails - updated 2024 
plus the Superior National Forest
MAP #7

Price = $34.00, includes tax and shipping in USA.

This detailed waterproof map is printed on both sides of the waterproof paper, with full information for over 50 hiking trails and all campsites.

Map size = 25" x 39"

This map can be pieced together to make it 25" x 72"

printed 2019, 2020, 2024


Isle Royale National Park
in Lake Superior

Price = $34.00, includes tax and shipping in USA.

Known by indigenous people as "the Good Place", this National Park is only accessible by boat or seaplane.  This detailed waterproof map shows hiking, backpacking, fishing and boating information along with historic sites to visit.

Map size = 23" x 39"

printed 2020

Isle Royale framed_edited.jpg
Concrete Wall

North Country National Scenic Trail
The longest National trail, 4,800 miles, from North Dakota to Vermont

Price = $34.00, includes tax and shipping in USA.

This waterproof map, printed on both sides of the paper, shows details for each State the trail passes through and connections on the east with the Vermont Long Trail and Appalachian Trail, and on the west end to the Louis and Clark Trail via the Missouri River.

Map size = 25" x 39"

Printed 2021

This map is designed to fit together, offset as shown.


This is the cut line for joining two maps together to display the entire trail

State stickers

The North Country National Scenic Trail (NCT) goes from North Dakota to Vermont.  Each State has its own sticker (two for Michigan showing the Upper peninsula and lower)

Each sticker is $4.00, or purchase all nine for $30.00.

All pricing includes tax and shipping.

Order each State sticker individually on the Web Store page.

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