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Gallery showing, Minneapolis, MN


Born and raised in Minnesota my ancestors came from Cloquet, MN, Norway and Finland. With this heritage, I naturally spend my time in nature hiking and backpacking, kayaking, and fishing in the BWCAW, the North Shore and trips around the country and globe.

I am a retired landscape architect and artist whose past occupation included Master Planning, Strategic Planning and  the designing of camps and conference centers. I have traveled the globe visiting museums, famous architecture and my true passion, nature. I have participated in local art fairs, commissioned paintings and most recently found my second calling, cartography.

In 2017 I recognized there were no detailed maps of the Superior Hiking Trail in it's entirety available on one map. Hence my new career was born out of my own personal need and desire for a good waterproof map.

I have created four maps: The Superior Hiking Trail, The North Country Trail in sections and the entire trail and Isle Royale.

My artistic maps uphold the "old world" hand-drawn and hand lettered style while equipped with relevant hiking and tourist information. These Maps have the dual purpose of being a functional tool on the trail (waterproof and lightweight) and are framable art. The Isle Royale map was awarded "Honorable Mention" in the national competition of the Cartography and Geographical Information Society. You will find these maps available for purchase in 40+ locations in stores and parks and from my Web Store page.



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